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Institute Song

During sixties, the Institute picked a song to call of its own - an incantation translated from the Bengali, its original credited to Rabindranath Tagore. The song is devotional in nature, in it the worshipper asks the 'Infinite One' to grant them, among other virtures, enlightenment, diligence, and fearlessness: arguably the prime ingredients of the academic spirit. The reproductions here are in the Devanagiri and in its transliterated form.

Antar mama viksit kar
            Antaratar hey
 Nirmal kar, ujjawal kar
            Sundar Kar hey
 Jagrat kar, Udyat kar
            Nirbhay kar hey
 Mangal kar, niralas kar
            Nihsanshay kar hey
 Yukt kar hey sabke sang mein
            Mukt kar hey bandh
 Sanchar kar sakal karm mein
            Shaant tumhara chhand
 Charan-kamal se mera man
            Nispandit kar hey,
            Nandit kar
            Nandit Kar
            Nandit kar hey

 Listen to the Song below.