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IIT Bombay Organizes ‘Run for Unity’

31 Oct 2017

The united map of India that we see today is testimony to Sardar Patel’s enduring legacy. To ensure that we, as a nation, do not forget his ideology and vision for national integration, the birth anniversary of India’s Iron Man is celebrated as National Unity Day. On this occasion, people of all ages come together across the length and breadth of the country to participate in a ‘Run for Unity’.


The noble cause attached to the physical endeavour made it a grand event with a far-reaching impact. At IIT Bombay, staff and students turned up in large numbers to run and help foster the spirit of harmony and brotherhood. Participants took a determined oath to keep the unity of the motherland above all else, before the short timed run that lasted 30 minutes. Early in the morning, the picturesque campus came alive as the runners, imbued with a sense of purpose, ran amidst the greenery and the crisp breeze to celebrate the heritage of oneness left to us.


Overall, it was a great initiative which was successful in its objective by the tremendous support it received.


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