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Information and Communication Technology

Towards Hazard-free Wearable Health Monitors

Scientists design low-power, low-cost wearable wireless devices to continuously monitor patient’s health indicators like ECG and EEG

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Low-cost lenses to turn smartphones into microscopes

IIT Bombay researchers develop techniques to make tiny, inexpensive lenses that can be used on smartphones

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Jammer Proofing Communication Systems

A theoretical study from IIT Bombay can help make our military communication more robust

The security and reliability of communication systems used in military applications are uncompromisable. Jammers can disrupt radio communication in a locality; a strategy the military is shown to use while attacking terrorist camps in a recent movie. Knowing how jammers behave in various conditions becomes significant.

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Welcome AJIT, a ‘Made in India’ Microprocessor

Researchers at IIT Bombay develop the country’s first indigenously designed and fabricated microprocessor.

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Using the Crowd to Improve Location Accuracy

Researchers from IIT Bombay develop a mobile application for better positioning using data from neighbouring mobiles

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Wi-Fi or Cellular Data? Not Your Headache Anymore!

Researchers from IIT Bombay propose algorithms for service providers to efficiently manage the choice of the right network for your mobile devices.

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Earthquake or a Flood? Software Comes to the Rescue!

Researchers propose a system to enable faster search of satellite images to help in rescue operations.

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Now, Your Computer Can Tell When You Are Being Sarcastic Too. Really!

IIT Bombay researchers survey different approaches to automatically detect sarcastic texts using computers

The Internet is the world’s largest ‘suggestion box’. Haven’t we all looked at the reviews left

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Playing The Shots Right

IIT Bombay Researchers design a badminton training system using wearable technology

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Nano-dimension to IoT

Bipolar Junction Transistors enables Bi-CMOS to aid the nation's civilian and strategic interests through the Internet of Things.

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