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Archived Research Highlights

These articles have been created and published here by the R&D dissemination initiative of IRCC. To publish a summary of a recent high impact work from IIT Bombay, please follow the guidelines given in the there.

Crop Planning using Chaos

Adding chaos helps finding better solutions to multi-reservoir irrigation systems, says an IIT Bombay Study

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Fuel Cell Electricity from Landfill Waste

Power generation using landfill leachate can prevent pollution and serve as alternate source of electricity, say researchers

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Driving and texting? Stop it, now!

Study reveals how detrimental the use of mobile phones is while driving in India

A study by researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) has shown how using mobile phones while driving can distract drivers and affect their ability to handle hazardous situations. The results of the study has shown that both calling and texting while driving degrades the performance of a driver.

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Are We Wasting Heat?

Study takes us a step closer to harvesting electricity from heat dissipated from electronic devices

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Will Global Warming Affect Wind Energy Generation?

IITB study predicts Indian offshore wind farms will benefit from rise in sea temperatures

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Dealing with cracks in India's solar dreams

Study finds factors responsible for degradation of photovoltaic modules

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Nano-dimension to IoT

Bipolar Junction Transistors enables Bi-CMOS to aid the nation's civilian and strategic interests through the Internet of Things.

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When a Magnet Plays “Ping Pong”

A novel theoretical framework for a magnetic field tunable radio frequency oscillator has been developed.The proposed device, when realised, would play a major role in  the nanoelectronics field, specifically as integrable clocks in futuristic logic circuits.

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Physics behind Perovskite

Researchers at IIT Bombay have identified some unique features common to all perovskite solar cells that would lead to better understanding in terms of device physics and control parameters.

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Charging up for a Future

Breakthrough in chemical analysis of Intrinsically Conducting Polymers (ICPs) enables easier identification of polymers suitable for different prospective applications. Researchers at IIT Bombay have come up with a novel and much simpler method to quantify their charge storage characteristics.

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